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Guided Meditation. BodyTalk. Reiki. Pranic Healing. Crystals. Aromatherapy.

Bodily symptoms are energetic blockages manifesting in physical form. Through energetic therapy, we can rid the body-mind complex of blockages which are preventing you from living your most optimized life.


1:1 Intuitive Healing Sessions allow your body to design its own holistic treatment.

I ask your body to tell me the stories behind the symptoms.


What does a session look like?


When booking a session, we'll first discuss your holistic health goals. The session takes place on a Japanese floor futon, with the client's eyes closed and focusing on the breath. I will guide you through a calming meditation to arrive fully in the moment and allow the outside world to wash away. I begin to communicate with your body’s intuitive wisdom through a technique called BodyTalk. BodyTalk uses muscle testing to identify areas of disconnection in the body-mind complex and address underlying causes of imbalance, including emotional, physical and environmental factors. A light tapping and breathing technique is used to help the body-mind reestablish healthy connections. The body then communicates any additional needs for healing by selecting from a variety of holistic techniques such as Reiki, Pranic healing, aromatherapy, crystal and sound healing. 


By allowing the body to design its own treatment, you provide tools tailored to your body’s specific needs. You allow your body to heal itself and bring forward a harmonious state of mental, physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing. 


These sessions are profoundly relaxing, bringing a sense of peace and stability to the bodymind. 

Sessions are 1 hour

In-Home Visits: $90-$120

Morningside Heights, NYC studio: $60-$90

I offer my services on a sliding scale. Those with more resources will be funding an opportunity for those with less.

All spaces hold energy.

Clear out vibrations that no longer serve your family's growth.

Learn more about Reiki's ability to invite positivity into your home. 

Set a space for connection and creative expression.

Include a home energy cleansing 


Did you know, energy is not limited by time or space?


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