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Receive treatment anywhere in the world.

Distance Healing Sessions

Guided Meditation. BodyTalk. Reiki. Pranic Healing. Sound Healing.

Bodily symptoms are energetic blockages manifesting in physical form. Through energetic therapy, we can rid the body-mind complex of blockages which are preventing you from living your most optimized life.


1:1 Healing Sessions allow your body to design its own holistic treatment.

I ask your body to tell me the stories behind the symptoms.

Energy flows freely and uninterrupted without limits of time and space. For that reason, energetic therapy is also effective long distance. By entering into a meditative state, I am able to connect to your individual energy body and offer healing sessions in any physical location. Notes on the session are provided and followed up with a phone call. There are no physical requirements for the individual, they may be awake or sleeping, laying down or moving around. These treatments tend to be especially effective as I am able to balance your energy in your own natural environment and surroundings. 

Before you book your first distant session we will discuss your mental and emotional well-being goals.


These sessions are profoundly relaxing, bringing a sense of peace and stability to the bodymind. 

Sessions are 45 minutes

I offer my services on a sliding scale. Those with more resources will be funding an opportunity for those with less.

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