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Clear out energy that no longer serves your personal growth.

Reiki is a technique of channeling ‘universal light energy’. As a trained Reiki practitioner, I channel light energy into the auric field of a person or a physical space. Reiki infuses energetic blockages with pure healing light, improving the flow of energy of the entire system.


All spaces have the capacity to hold energy. It is in our best interest to clear out energy that no longer resonates with our system. Stagnant energy remains in spaces from past residents, visitors, arguments or illness experienced in the home. A Reiki Home Cleansing clears these remnant energies and calls in positive light, promoting a radiant sense of peace inside your home.  

I encourage my clients to infuse each newly-cleansed room with visualization of an optimal, love-filled home.


Includes an optional use of Palo Santo or Cider incenses: high-vibrational plants to elevate the frequency of a space.

In-Home Energy clearing- $90

Combined with 1:1 Intuitive Healing Session- $150


Create a setting for connection within your own home.

Together, we set an intention for your next life-step and establish a line of connection to your internal guidance system. By dedicating a physical space for connecting to your inner world, you will raise your vibration to find clarity in communication with your intuition. This physical space in your home can act as a place for meditation, prayer, journaling, creative expression, or simply a place to find a moment of quiet.


Learn tools for connecting to your spiritual guides such as automatic writing, guided meditations, intention setting, altar arrangement, angel card reading and energetic clearing. 

"Connection Corner" Consultation- $75

In Combination with 1:1 Intuitive Healing Session- $140


1:1 Intuitive Healings Sessions

Allow your body to design its own holistic treatment.

BodyTalk. Reiki. Pranic Healing. Crystals. Aromatherapy.


Energetic therapy rids the body-mind complex of blockages preventing you from living your most optimized life.

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