Hi, I'm Rachel!

As a nomad at heart, I've lived and learned in many places. Following the flow of my intuitive GPS, I received a master's degree at Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI) with a concentration in Reproductive and Maternal Wellbeing. 

I have worked as a meditation and mindfulness facilitator, leading workshops on emotional intelligence, intuitive decision making, and stress management in corporate and community settings in Miami, Tel Aviv, and NYC. An even deeper calling has led me to my greatest passion for birth.

My role as a doula is inspired by the belief that everyone deserves to have a meaningful and empowered birth and postpartum experience. Through personalized support, I help to reduce anxiety and find confidence in the body's innate ability to give birth. Together, we prepare you to embody a sense of trust, safety, and tranquility under any circumstance. With me on your birth team, you’ll know you’ve got this!


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