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Mandi: Birth Bootcamp Participant

The education and expertise Rachel offered was unparalleled. I HIGHLY recommend this course to any birthing parent and their partner. Rachel was extremely knowledgeable about all stages of the birth process, the medical protocols within hospitals, and what to expect in the weeks leading up to, during, and after labor. I also really appreciated the practical advice, including how to advocate for yourself in a medical setting. My partner and I left feeling very prepared and more comfortable heading into having our first baby. There is so much that you can do to prepare for the birthing process and Rachel really helped us to understand our role. Not to mention she sends a variety of invaluable resources following the course. Her warm and caring nature was also SO helpful during the course and when answering any of our many questions. We are so thankful that we took this course and are sad we cannot have her as our doula due to not living in Miami.

Melissa: Birth Doula Client

Rachel was an incredible resource to my husband and me as we nervously awaited the birth of our first child. Since I am new to the doula world, I was pleasantly surprised that she was open-minded and accepting to my birth preferences. The delivery of our son was a calm and comforting journey thanks to her support, both physical and emotional. She will advocate for you with the medical team ... and bring you soup during your postpartum recovery. For those who want a kind, intelligent, and present doula, Rachel is for you.

Rebecca: Birth Doula Client

We were so lucky to have Rachel as our doula for the birth of our son Ethan in July. It was our first baby and were very anxious/had no idea what to expect, but after our first meeting with Rachel this fear and anxiety turned into excitement. Our prenatal meetings with her were more than just info sessions, we were really able to connect and share more about ourselves so that she knew how to help prepare us emotionally for everything to come. It made us feel so comfortable and confident having her as a teammate on our birth journey.


Rachel was always available via text and phone for any questions that came up and shared lots of helpful resources and info leading up to birth. She came to our house during early-active labor, helping us find the best positions to cope with contractions and providing physical support with counter pressure.


With Rachel’s guidance, we were able to successfully and effectively labor at home until it was go-time. When unforeseen circumstances prevented her from heading to the hospital with us, Rachel continued to provide support virtually. Even through FaceTime she was able to suggest ways to get through the contractions and helped advocate for us. I was so happy with the way everything went and truly felt like me, my husband and Rachel were a power team! Could not have done it without her.

Bendou: Birth Doula Client

I couldn’t find a doula the entire pregnancy and the night prior to me giving birth Rachel was sent from heaven. She was professional, magnificent, her massages were the best. She was attentive, had a lot of positive affirmations to guide me through the process, and helpful breathing techniques. I would definitely have her around for my next baby. I don’t know what I would do without her. I would recommend her over and over again.

Facebook Post by Doula Mentor, Yiska Obladia

"I'm just taking a moment to highlight a new doula who is a wonderfully bright light of a human being. While new to doula work she is ancient when it comes to her spiritual and emotional depth, so basically if you or someone you know is looking for an incredible doula please reach out to Rachel!"

Viki: Postpartum Support Client

Rachel was fantastic in supporting me for several months following the birth. The nourishing food she cooked for me, the guided meditations she led, and our conversations and her wisdom helped me process the birth and motherhood. Rachel's post-partum doula care helped me recognize that it is not only my baby who needs care but I, as the mother, also need help and support during this vulnerable time. Rachel was also excellent in integrating the physical, mental, and spiritual aspects of her work.

Srinidhi: Postpartum Support Client

Rachel was brilliant. She arrived in time, was proactive, intuitively understood our child and did everything we needed. She was a good cook, excellent multi tasker, had attention to detail and tended to the mother’s needs as well as the baby’s. She was a fantastic source of support in those early days

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