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 Birth Bootcamp 

a doula-led birth course to prepare for a positive childbirth

Do You Want to Feel...?

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Presented by Rachel Fisher,
founder of The Seeded Soul

Rachel is an experienced doula and childbirth educator with an academic background focused on maternal and reproductive wellness. She is equipped with the experience and passion to guide you through a nourishing and easeful birth preparation journey!

  • To tap into your intuition...identify your "hell yes" and "fuck no"

  • The mind/body birth connection...and what the heck is oxytocin?

  • The physiology of birth: phases and stages of labor

  • How to tell if you’re really in labor (hint: it's not when your water breaks)

  • How to cope with contractions: breathing + relaxation

  • How to comfortably labor at home

  • When to head to the hospital or birth center

  • When and if to get an epidural

  • When and why to consent to or decline cervical exams

  • The most up-to-date evidence on your birth options

  • How to advocate for individualized care in the medical system

  • How to prepare for the type of birth you want

  • How to change course when things don't go to plan

  • How to use movement + stretching to encourage a smoother birth

  • Partner support...what to do and what not to say during labor

  • Preparing your partnership for postpartum + parenthood

  • Newborn care, lactation + feeding basics

  • & so much more!

What You'll Learn:

Class Format:

  • 6 hours live on Zoom or in-person: divided into 3 sessions

  • Small groups to ensure time for all your questions

  • Learn among pregnant peers

    • Know that you are not alone in your fears and concerns

    • Gain access to a private Facebook group for continued community building and Q&As


  • What You'll Receive:

    • A digital copy of class slides​ and a recording of class

    • PDF of curated resource list

    • Priority access to 1 on 1 additional doula support: 

              Labor Doula Support and Birth Coaching

What People are Saying

JK says....

The course prepared my wife and me very well for our daughter’s birth, and we liked Rachel so much that we even hired her as our doula!

MG says....

I HIGHLY recommend this course to any birthing parent and their partner. We left feeling very prepared and more comfortable heading into having our first baby. 

My partner and I absolutely loved Rachel's Birth Bootcamp program!

It was so comprehensive, in such an inviting way. 

AH says....


What is the cost of this course?

The virtual group course is $250 per couple or individual. Payment details will be sent to your e-mail inbox.

The course is also available privately via Zoom or in person in the Miami-Dade area for $600.

When is the best time to take this course?

You can participate at any point in pregnancy, but the best time is at the end of your second or early in your third trimester.

This will allow the information to be fresh on your mind, and also ensure you’re prepared in the event of an early birth.

Should my partner or support person join?

Yes, absolutely! We should all be fully informed, and there is plenty of info geared directly toward the support partners. They'll learn the importance of their role and how to step up in the most helpful ways.

If I know I want to get an epidural or be induced, is this class for me?

Yes! This class is universally beneficial for giving birth in any setting. It may be extra helpful in preparing for a hospital birth, as you'll learn how to navigate and advocate in the medical system, as well as become familiar with common medical interventions.

What is the class format?

The course will be given live on Zoom. It is 6 hours, divided into three 2-hour classes. Private courses are offered virtually or in-person in the Miami area. 

What if you're at a birth during our scheduled class time?

Since I am an active doula, there is a chance I will be called to a birth during our scheduled class time.

Each class will be assigned a "backup date" in case of a last-minute need to cancel. The backup date will typically be the following week.

Will the class be recorded?

The class will be recorded and accessible to participants for 90 days so you can review and refresh your knowledge before the big day!

Is my payment refundable?

Payment is refundable up to 2 weeks before the class date. If you are registered for a class scheduled within 14 days, payment is non-refundable. If you miss the live class or "backup date", a refund will not be given, but access to the recording is available.

Still have questions? Reach out!

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Sign Me Up!

Birth Bootcamp is currently only being offered privately for in-home or virtual classes 
Semi-private classes are also available for you and a group of your pregnant friends!
Contact Rachel to schedule your class:


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