Birth Journey Guidance

Personalized coaching sessions with a certified birth doula

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Pregnancy and birth preparation can be a highly emotional period of time. The journey may be unfamiliar and the path forward remains unclear. You're may feel caught between planning mode, and surrendering to the unplannable. Gift yourself access to an experienced guide who can illuminate your pregnancy path moving forward.

Birth Journey Guidance sessions will help you to: 

  • Calm fears & release "stuck" emotions

  • Reveal subconscious blocks and emotional patterns

  • Implement mindfulness & relaxation techniques

  • Navigate your transition into motherhood

  • Understand the ins and outs of the birth process

  • Build a personalized list of "birth preferences"

  • Discern between necessary and unnecessary medical interventions

  • Prepare your partnership for parenthood

  • Plan for a nourishing fourth trimester

  • & much more!

Birth Journey Guidance

$125 per session 

It is recommended to meet every other week, or every week as your estimated due date nears. However, single sessions are available and may be equally useful.

This package does not include day-of-labor support. For in-person, or virtual labor doula support, visit this page: Labor Doula Support.

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