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Empowered Motherhood Journey

1:1 coaching program with a certified birth doula

The Empowered Motherhood Journey is a personalized and holistic coaching program designed to guide and support expectant parents in their transformative journey from "maiden" to "mother". As an experienced birth doula, with a graduate-level education in Spiritual, Mind, and Body studies with a specialization in Maternal and Reproductive Well-being, Rachel will provide comprehensive support to help you embrace birth and motherhood with empowered confidence!

Program highlights-

  • 1:1 Coaching Sessions: Personalized sessions to navigate the complexities and heightened emotions of pregnancy, birth, and postpartum, tailored to your unique in-the-moment needs.

  • Birth Planning: Collaborative creation of a birth plan aligned with your desires, values, and requests, empowering you to become an active, informed participant in your own care.

  • Navigating the System: Invaluable guidance to understand and effectively navigate the medical system, and confidently communicate with your healthcare provider.

  • Mindfulness Tools: Utilizing mindfulness tools to address emotional aspects, manage stress, overcome relationship challenges, and process unresolved emotions.

  • Compassionate Support: We honor your individual path to motherhood and provide non-judgemental guidance, advocacy, and empowerment throughout this profound transition.

  • Embrace Your Inner Strength: Learn to tap into your innate strength, intuition, and wisdom, allowing you to step into the beautiful role of motherhood with confidence.


Let me be your trusted companion on your journey into motherhood, providing you with the tools and support you need for an empowered and fulfilling experience.

Empowered Motherhood Journey

4-session program: $500
This package does not include day-of-labor support. For in-person, or virtual labor doula support, add on our Labor Doula Support package.

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