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Tools for Heart Centered Living

Are you craving a deeper existence? Unsure of what steps to take towards a more fulfilling life?

I’ll let you in on a big secret: The answers to these questions lie within yourself. 


We all have an internal guidance system, leading us towards a path of our soul’s deepest desires. As we learn to connect to our heart's frequency, our life path unfolds with ease. 


Tools included: 

  • Who is my “highest self”? 

  • Connecting to your center

  • Moving through emotional blockages 

  • Connecting to the root of anxiety and stress

  • Conscious breathing exercises

  • Positive vs. Negative energy

  • Connecting to your spiritual guides

  • Automatic writing

  • Meditation techniques for daily practice

  • Live guided meditations

  • Creating a space for connecting within your home

  • Everyday uses for crystals and essential oils 



An introduction to the body's energetic healing system

Energy Healing is a tool to.. ​

  • explore the healing power of love living inside you.

  • release trauma, stress, and emotional blockages.

  • embody a state of peace and harmony.

Topics include: 

  • The self-healing power of Reiki

  • Establishing connections with your intuition, highest self and spirit guides

  • Quieting down the monkey mind

  • How to see auras & prana

  • Techniques to protect yourself from negative energy 

  • Balancing the chakra system

  • Powers associated with each chakra

  • How to energetically clear your environment, objects, and food

  • How Reiki can aid interpersonal relationships

-  Attunement ceremony by a Reiki master to ignite the power of Reiki level 1 for self-healing.



Deepen interpersonal relationships and communication through greater self-awareness.

Through guided meditations, and interactive practices,

experience deeper connection with yourself and with others.

       Practices Include:

  • Introduction to mindful self-awareness

  • Heart-centered communication exercises

  • Partnered sharing practices: mindful listening + sharing

  • Connecting to the intuitive wisdom centers: heart, body, mind

  • Eye gazing experiment

  • Communicating boundaries

  • Identifying our "No" and "Yes"


Lead by example: self-awareness + self-management

 Diffuse stressful situations by connecting to your calm center.

Find relaxation and patience through this introductory practice

Tools to be covered:

Mindfulness: Paying attention to what’s happening in the present moment: in the mind, body and external environment, with an attitude of curiosity and compassion

  • Neuroscience behind mindful practices and effects on attention and productivity

  • Acting on autopilot vs. a state of awareness 


Self-Awareness: Knowing one’s internal states, preferences, resources, and intuitions

  • Shifting awareness to one’s internal world and body

  • Intuitive wisdom of the body, mind and heart


Self Management: The process of noticing one’s internal state and actively managing one’s response to emotional triggers

  • Emotional Management Strategies: moving from compulsion to choice


Leadership: Setting a positive example in the workplace

  • Empathic relating through self-awareness

  • Mindful communication & active listening



This workshop can be tailored to the specific needs of your workplace.

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