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Birth & Postpartum Consultations

Are you looking for personalized guidance from a birth professional to guide you through the birth and postpartum planning process? I'm here to be your compass and confidante! Book a virtual consultation to receive-

- Tailored Guidance: Together, we'll explore your preferences, fears, and concerns around your birthing experience. As an experienced Childbirth Educator, with my own Birth Bootcamp Course, I am here to fill in the gaps in your knowledge around labor, delivery, and postpartum. 


- Personalized Birth Plan: Communicate to the medical team your preferences around your care and the care of your baby in a clear manner. While it's important to be flexible, the process of creating a birth plan can be empowering and educational. Your "plan" can also help your partner better advocate for your wishes during labor. See an example here!


- Access Resources: My expertise and connections span far and wide, providing you access to a network of resources both local and virtual. Whether you're seeking a local mom's group in your area or a virtual prenatal yoga program, I've got you covered. 

- Holistic Health Support: Beyond the physical, we'll delve into the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of your journey. From nutrition tips, herbal remedies, fear release exercises, to mindfulness tools, we'll ensure your mind, body, and soul are in harmony for this big transition.


- Lactation Love: As an Integrative Lactation & Feeding Specialist, I can provide you with the knowledge and confidence to embrace breastfeeding if you desire. We'll cover the basics of nursing, supplementation, and pumping, to help you enter this journey with confidence.

Partnership Prep: Let's prepare your partner to be the best source of support for you through labor and beyond. We can cover the most effective massage techniques for relieving pain during contractions, how to be the protector of the space, and what conversations you should have ahead of time, to make the postpartum period as easeful as possible.


-Judgment-Free Zone: Birth is a personal experience, and I'm here to support you without judgment.

No matter your birthing preferences, I'm well-versed in all types of births, and hope you will feel empowered and supported by my guidance. 


1-hour virtual session: $95
4-pack: $350

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