As a nomad at heart, I've lived and learned in many places. I navigate life through the guidance of my intuitive GPS, which lead me to study documentary filmmaking at UT Austin, radio storytelling in Tel Aviv, Reiki and meditation in Thailand, Bodytalk in Singapore, and Pranic Healing in Miami. I now embody the role of a passionate birth doula, while pursuing a master's degree at Columbia University's Spirituality Mind Body Institute (SMBI) with a concentration in Reproductive & Maternal Well-being.

As a meditation instructor and intuitive energy healer, I am equipped with a toolkit full of dynamic practices to guide and mentor others on a personal path to empowerment. Whether guiding new parents through their pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience, or teaching workshops on intuitive decision-making, I am driven by a mission to ignite both peace and power in the hearts of others.

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